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Sounds familiar? I might be a romantic gamer, but the thing that impressed me the most in Brave Story: New Traveler is that every time you collect a gem, you are allowed to go back to the real world and visit Miki at the hospital... Sad? It may be, but you don't even know 10% of the game's whole storyline. Play it and get ready to be astonished! Don't worry as there's no blood and gore involved, because you'll only use ragdolls instead of humans, or at least I'd like to think so. Otherwise we're talking about major injuries, broken bones and internal organs and that may be the reason why the ragdoll keeps wining. The 12 challenges you'll be taking part in are: high jump, bowling ball, ski jump, curling, stone skipping, ring of fire, field goal, royal flush, basketball, darts, baseball and soccer. Imagine speeding on a straight line track and braking just in time to shoot the driver through the windshield, then follow him with the aid of a neat camera angle to see him get smashed. In the challenge called Royal Flush, you'll have five tries and your main goal is to hit five cards on a giant panel, in order to get a flush or another pair of cards that usually gets you points in a poker game. While the other names may be self-explanatory, you'll surely wonder what the stone-skipping challenge is all about. The true gameplay features appear when you're actually playing the songs available in this title. Glittering colored dots will scroll across the screen and you'll have to get them right by matching the dots from the base of the screen with those that make the combinations required to do solos or sing the main tune. There are two types of rockers: those who brag about their guitar skills and sing according to tablatures and those quiet ones that can sing a "Seek and Destroy" from Metallica with their eyes open, by playing chords. In GH II you'll be playing chords by holding down two or three notes at the same time. They can be basic notes or long notes. Speaking of which, one of the coolest features in the second installment of Guitar Hero is the use of the pedal, called Whammy Bar. It will usually add crazy effects to the long notes, usually the so-called "wah wah!" or a very high note during a solo, anyway stuff that Slash from Enagali Munde Saagu Nee Song 'n Roses does all the time. NBA 08's main innovative features are the "Go to" moves, basically the trademark moves of each famous player you've seen on telly. Also, the latest title in the NBA series features more realistic rebounds (thank God) and a seemingly more realistic collision system. OK, that's what the EA Sports representatives say, that's what all the gaming experts say and that's what I was looking for the whole time while playing the Xbox 360 demo. I may be missing something, but there's no feeling of really bumping into several players while penetrating the Zone and trying to score. What's worse, my player always seems to pass through the others, in his attempt to pull out a neat trick. Also, I may be playing dirty, but the referee has a slight tendency of exaggerating the fouls and giving free throws .... for free. Of course, the AI never misses and I was surprised to see my virtual opponents throwing perfectly

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